Aston Martin resurrects V600 badge for V12 Vantage limited run

by Justin King
Aston Martin V600 - image 1

The name traces back to the supercharged V8 Vantage V600, delivering 600 horsepower when it debuted in 1998.

Aston Martin has dusted off its V600 badge for a limited-edition run of customized cars based on the V12 Vantage.

Like the original V8 Vantage V600 of 1998, the V12-powered model boasts 600PS (592 horsepower). All 14 cars in the latest series will be equipped with a seven-speed manual gearbox.

The new V600 represents the last of the previous-generation two-door 'VH' Vantages, with an even split of seven coupes and seven roadsters. The cars are clad in full-carbon bodies with a bulging hood and a few other styling tweaks, along with unique center-lock machined aluminum wheels.

"This is precisely why we created our ‘Q by Aston Martin - Commission' service," says Aston chief creative officer Marek Reichman. "Our customers can create truly bespoke sports cars by personally collaborating with myself and Aston Martin's design team."

The 2018 V600 is available on request with deliveries expected to begin in the third quarter.