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Aston Martin working on 'brother of the Valkyrie'

by Justin King

The mid-engine car is said to be targeted at the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.

Aston Martin is apparently working on several more mid-engine supercars, including a model referred to as the "brother of the Valkyrie."

"It's correct - we have more than one mid-engined project underway - more than two, if you count the Valkyrie," Aston Martin head Andy Palmer said, as quoted by Autocar. "This new project will draw on all the know-how we've taken from the Valkyrie, as well as some of its visual identity and engineering capability, and bring it to a new sector of the market."

The project is said to be squarely aimed at the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari, potentially leading the next wave of ultra-exclusive performance cars with seven-figure price tags.

Both of Aston's new mid-engine cars, including the Valkyrie's brother and the slightly downmarket Ferrari 488 rival, are expected to be built upon a carbon monocoque chassis with aluminum subframes. V8 engines are considered a given, while some form of performance hybrid system is a rumored possibility.

The Valkyrie's sibling is said to be slated for arrival sometime in 2021.