Aston Martin may introduce its new platform on the next DB9.

Aston Martin's first all-new platform in over a decade will debut beneath the company's next-generation DB9 sports car, a new report finds.

In a release for the company's 2013 fiscal results Aston Martin confirmed that it was working on a "completely new architecture" for future vehicles, but failed to give out any further details. However, Auto Express claims that it has learned where and when that new platform will debut.

According to the British rag, Aston's new architecture will first hit the market in the form of the next-generation DB9. The new DB9 is scheduled to launch sometime in 2016.

Aston Martin will then rollout the platform to the rest of its vehicle line.

Specific details on the new architecture remain a mystery, but Aston Martin will likely stick to aluminum. However, technological advances should ensure that Aston Martin's next crop of vehicles are lighter and more rigid than the cars currently found in its showrooms.

Power for the next DB9 will come from Mercedes' AMG division, likely a 4.0L turbocharged V8 making about 500 horsepower. Aston will also lean on Mercedes-Benz for the DB9's electrics.