The Trésor SUV can be armored by Russia's ArmorTech.

Bentley's first SUV was not very well received when it made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. This led the automaker to quickly announce that it was going to start working on an alternative design.

It appears that a German coachbuilder called Atelier Valdeig has beat Bentley to the punch by releasing a heavily-modified Audi Q7 that has been injected with Bentley genes.

The SUV is named Trésor, which means "treasure" in French. The window lines give away its Audi roots but overall it looks like it could fit right in with the rest of the Bentley lineup. German designers have fitted it with Bentley-esque styling cues such as the twin headlights and a mesh grille.

The Bentley influence is present on the inside as well. Atelier Valdeig has not tried to hide it and it openly admits that certain bits and pieces are taken from the parts bin of a "noted English luxury car maker."

Atelier Valdeig will offer the Trésor with several Audi-sourced engines. The most powerful one is a V12 TDI that makes 493 horsepower and a massive 737 foot-pounds of torque.

Buyers will be able to fully customize the SUV and give it an entirely different look if the Bentley-inspired design doesn't suit them. They will also be able to choose from a whole palette of options that includes different wheelbases and even suicide doors.

Perhaps the ultimate option is for buyers who simply don't feel safe going out in such a car. In exchange for what is undoubtedly a gargantuan amount of money Atelier Valdeig will send the Trésor to Russia where it will be armored by the experts at ArmorTech.

The German coachbuilder did not announce when the Trésor will go on sale or how much it will cost.