Audi announced the A4 Cabrio's production is coming to an end just last month, so the A5 convertible will be the maker's entry-level drop-top in North America. The model is scheduled for a premiere at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January of 2009. This is confirmed by a photo and reports of Audi's model rollout schedule for the next five years that was printed in enthusiast publication, and has since been published on the web. Among the model releases is an A5 convertible and nary a mention of the seventh generation A4 drop-top.

The A5 convertible -- which will go head-to-head with the BMW 328i convertible - should begin production in late 2008 in time for an early 2009 launch. Following the launch of the A5, Audi will begin producing the S5 convertible to compete with BMW's 330i convertible. However, unlike the BMW hardtop convertibles, the Audis will do with a more conventional soft top to keep costs and weight down.

Power for the A5 cabrio is expected to be sourced from a 3.2L FSI V6 -- with Europe getting two optional diesel powerplants -- while the S5 will get a V8 with around 350 horsepower.

We summarized the schedule for you, noting the model introduction or update, its launch date and where it will be produced, which came courtesy of enthusiast mag Quattro Quarterly.

A3 facelift - June 2008 - Brussels/Changchun

Q5 - July 2008 - Ingolstadt/Changchun

TT-S - August 2008 - Gyor

R8 V10 - September 2008 - Neckarsulm

Q7 Hybrid - December 2008 - Bratislava

A5 Cabrio - January 2009 - Ingolstadt

RS5 - February 2009 - Neckarsulm

R8 Targa - March 2009 - Neckarsulm

A7 Coupe - June 2009 - Neckarsulm

Q3 - July 2009 - Changchun

TT-RS - August 2009 - Gyor

A5 Sportback - September 2009 - Ingolstadt

A1 - December 2009 - Brussels

Q5 Hybrid - February 2010 - Ingolstadt/Changchun

D4 A8 - June 2010 - Neckarsulm

A3 - October 2010 - Brussels/Ingolstadt

A7 Cabrio - January 2011 - Neckarsulm

C7 A6 - January 2011 - Neckarsulm/Changchun/Vogosca

C7 A6 Avant - May 2011 - Neckarsulm/Changchun

R4 - June 2011 - Unknown

A1 Cabrio - October 2011 - Brussels

A4 facelift - January 2012 - Ingolstadt/Changchun