Audi sold just 4,000 examples of the A6 Hybrid since 2011.

Audi has announced it has axed the gasoline-electric A6 Hybrid from its global lineup.The company blames the decision on dismal sales. Audi sold approximately 4,000 examples of the A6 Hybrid since the model was introduced in 2011. About 80 percent of them were sold in Asia and nearly half were purchased in Malaysia, where imported hybrids were exempt from all taxes and duties up until earlier this year.

The A6 Hybrid failed to gain traction in Europe, where buyers have traditionally shunned hybrids in favor of diesels. To complicate the situation, the A6 Hybrid was heavier, slower, not as efficient and often more expensive than a comparable TDI-powered A6. Curiously, the gas-electric A6 was never sold in the United States even though rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW offer hybrid variants of their mid-size sedans.

In most markets, the A6 Hybrid was powered by a 207-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that worked with a 44-horsepower electric motor linked to a lithium-ion battery pack. The sedan took 7.3 seconds to reach 62 mph from a stop and it returned 38 mpg in a mixed European cycle.

Moving forward, Audi will focus on plug-in hybrid technology that offers better fuel economy and more performance. The second-generation Q7 will inaugurate a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that will gradually equip many of Audi's upcoming larger models including the fifth-generation A6 that is expected to arrive in 2018 at the earliest.

Note: 2015 Audi A6 pictured.