New batteries and improved drivetrain efficiency bring range up from just 134 miles.

Audi CEO Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg has confirmed plans to launch an R8 e-tron edition with a much longer range than the original concept.

Engineers have worked to more than double the estimated range from just 134 miles to approximately 280 miles, similar to the maximum range of a Tesla Model S with a 85 kWh battery.

"This significant step is the result of progress with battery technology and a revised package with a considerably higher power density," Hackenberg said.

The e-tron team is also said to have achieved significant efficiency gains with mechanical and electrical components. Both the drivetrain and onboard electronics consume less power than the earlier prototypes.

The company plans to use the R8 e-tron as a technology test platform and working instrument for continued exploration of next-generation systems, such as by-wire controls and active suspension concepts.

A launch date and pricing have yet to be announced, though the R8 e-tron will only be available initially upon customer request.