Models will keep their primary names -- from A1 to Q7 -- but will receive two additional numbers that indirectly reference horsepower output.

Audi has adopted a new naming scheme, appending the current letter-number nameplates with two additional numbers that serve as an indirect reference to horsepower output.

The names of the current model series -- from A1 to Q7 -- will remain unchanged. Within each family, however, an additional numerical combination will indicate the vehicle's power output range.

At the lower end of the scale, the number '30' will be used for all models with a power output from 81-96 kW (109 - 129 horsepower). The number '45' will be reserved for outputs from 169 - 185 kW (227 - 258 horsepower).

Additional power classes will be referenced in increments of five. The most powerful models with engines that deliver more than 400 kW (536 horsepower) will receive the designation '70.' In each case, the numbers appear alongside the engine technology -- TFSI, TDI, g-tron or e-tron.

An exception will be made for the S and RS models, which will "retain their classic names in reference to their top position" in the model range.

"As alternative drive technologies become increasingly relevant, engine displacement as a performance attribute is becoming less important to our customers," says Audi sales chief Dietmar Voggenreiter. "The clarity and logic of structuring the designations according to power output makes it possible to distinguish between the various performance levels."

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The changes kick off with the new Audi A8, due to arrive in showrooms this fall. The first configurations will be officially known as the A8 50 TDI and A8 55 TFSI.

The revised nomenclature will extend to other new models as they are put on sale. Audi will change the designations of the remaining model series in the current production range by the next model-year changeover in summer 2018.

Audi dabbled in a numerical number scheme for its basic nameplates decades ago. Changes from year to year seem somewhat confusing in retrospect, however. Before the A4, Audi's compact model known as the 80 in some markets, the 90 in upmarket trim, the 4000 in other markets and the S2 in performance coupe form, among other seemingly incongruous badges.