Audi is looking to evolve its current design language.

Audi is planning a shift in its future design direction to better reflect the company's advanced technology. Audi's new design language was previewed by the Crosslane Coupe concept.

Audi's new styling direction is being championed by company design head Wolfgang Egger. Egger, who oversaw the design of the Crosslane, believes Audi needs to evolve its styling without losing its brand identity.

"Good design must always express a vision. We need something new without breaking from tradition," Egger told Autocar.

As seen on the Crosslane concept, which debut at the Paris Motor Show, Audi's future design language will include a 3D interpretation of its signature grille. The new design language will also feature crisper lines, giving Audi's cars a slightly futuristic look. Look for Audi's interiors to also adopt a form of the styling.

No official word on when we will see Audi's new designs on the road, but the Crosslane Coupe concept was intended to preview the automaker's next line of Q-badged SUVs which are due for updating.