The announcement follows just months after reports suggested the brands were involved in an escalating internal battle to lead VW Group's EV push.

Volkswagen Group has announced that Audi and Porsche will co-develop next-generation vehicle architecture.

The statement follows just months after reports claimed the brands were involved in an internal battle to lead the group's electric vehicle strategy. The infighting allegedly escalated as the automaker attempted to cut costs in the wake of its diesel emissions scandal.

The collaborative development initiative will focus on electrification, 'digitization' and autonomous driving. Executives promise the brands will retain their individual identities despite using shared architecture.

"We will cooperate wherever it makes sense," said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume. "But we will also be very careful to maintain the differentiation between our brands. A Porsche is always a Porsche, and that will remain so in the future."

The German automaker points out that internal collaboration is nothing new, as Audi, VW and Porsche have worked closely for years to develop SUV platforms.

The brands will announce specific details of their deeper partnership in the coming months.