Audi's Q8 concept is either electric or hybrid.

Audi has released a pair of teaser sketches to announce a new concept. Named Q8, the design study will be presented early next month during the Detroit Auto Show.

The Q8 takes the form of a large, stylish SUV with a coupe-like roof line. Its front end wears a sharper evolution of Audi's design language characterized by a grille that's wider than the one typically found on the company's current models. The grille adopts chromed vertical slats -- a surprisingly Maserati Levante-esque styling cue -- for the first time.

Technical details aren't available yet, but the discreet e-tron emblem on the front bumper suggests the Q8 is electrified in one way or another. Audi is known to be developing an electric crossover aimed at the Tesla X, so the Q8 could be a battery-powered model. However, we're not tossing out the possibility that it's equipped with a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Audi will publish more information about the Q8 concept in the coming weeks. The company openly admits the Q8 is a close-to-production design study, so expect a toned-down version of it to make its debut at a major auto show in the next year or so. When it arrives, it will most likely be positioned at the very top of the company's lineup.