Only 80 examples of the R8 China Edition will be built.

Audi has lifted the veil off of the R8 China Edition. As its name implies, the limited-edition coupe is an effort to capitalize on China's large appetite for luxury goods.

The China Edition is based on the pre-facelift variant of the supercar and is offered in Malibu Blue and Suzaka Gray, two colors that are not available elsewhere in the world. Buyers can choose whether they want the body blue and the sideblades gray or vice versa. A rear spoiler made out of carbon fiber and 19-inch wheels painted gloss black give the China Edition a more premium look than a regular R8.

The interior gains several upgrades, including carbon fiber trim on the dash, an Alcantra-covered steering wheel and a unique shift knob that is engraved with the car's serial number. Although a total of 80 China Editions will be built, the serial numbers will go up to 99 because Audi is skipping all numbers that have a 4 in them. In China, the 4 is considered back luck because its pronunciation is similar to the word "death."

When it arrives in showrooms, the limited-edition coupe will only be available with Audi's 552-horsepower 5.2-liter V10 engine.

Audi has not disclosed how much the China Edition will retail for or when the first deliveries will take place.