Just ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Audi has announced plans to put its Q7 V12 TDI into production. The 500 horsepower crossover was first previewed with two concepts over the last 18 months. Audi has released photos of the production vehicle, plus a new "coastline" concept that will be on display in Geneva.

Pre-orders for the Q7 V12 TDI will begin in the second half of 2008. It's not known when deliveries will begin, nor is it clear when Audi will announce pricing. U.S. availability also remains a mystery.

The SUV comes equipped with a 6.0-liter engine similar to the one featured in R10 Le Mans racing car. It produces 500 horsepower and 758 pound-feet of torque (1000 Nm). The crossover is capable of hitting 62 mph in 5.5 seconds, with a limited top speed of 155 mph. Maximum torque is available from just 1,750 rpm.

Unlike other Audi V-engines, this model features a special cylinder angle of 60 degrees. The twin-turbo V12 TDI conforms to the Euro 5 emissions class which should come into force in 2010. Fuel economy is estimated at nearly 20 mpg.

A six-speed automatic is the standard transmission. The Q7 V12 TDI rides on a high-tech aluminum chassis with double wishbone front and rear suspension. The air shock absorbers have three settings ranging from extremely comfortable to highly sporty. The driver can also adjust ground clearance in five stages via this system and lower the tail end by 2.8 inches for comfortable loading.

The stylish wheels -- available in 10 spoke 20-inch or 20-spoke 21-inch -- house large ceramic carbon-fiber discs and powerful brake calipers.

Daytime running lights consisting of twelve white LEDs per headlight and are located on the upper edge of the air intake slots, replacing the turn signals that were moved to the bi-xenon headlights.

Interior enhancements include plenty of shiny aluminum inserts and optional wood trim. Notably, the air vents are made from aluminum and the pedals from stainless steel, giving the SUV a slightly more exotic look inside. The 195 mph speedometer also contributes to this feel.

Other luxury features include Verano leather seats, ambient lighting, black roof lining, navigation, MMI, a large glass roof, and the Audi parking system with a rearview camera.

Audi Q7 coastline

Based on the Q7 V12 TDI, the "coastline" model is a one-off show car built for the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. It features a dramatic custom interior and a few exterior touches for an improved look.

Production Q7 V12 TDI