Audi's on-again, off-again Le Mans-inspired sports car has reportedly been shelved.

A new report finds that Audi has put its diesel-powered Scorpion supercar on an indefinite hiatus. Aimed at the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1, the car was rumored to borrow much of its technology - including the vaunted diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain - from Audi's Le Mans-winning R18 e-tron quattro race car.

According to Car & Driver, the Scorpion was put on the backburner in order to free up the time and money required to develop the Sport Quattro concept that will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show next September. Based on a modified A5 platform, the Sport Quattro will be inspired by the original Quattro Coupe and will be added to the Audi lineup as a regular-production model in time for the coupe's 30th anniversary.

The decision to kill the Scorpion has been met with mixed opinions by Audi's top brass. Wolfgang Durheimer, Audi's former head of research and development, was an avid support of the car because he believed that it could be a hot seller if it packed a powerful engine and striking looks. Franciscus van Meel, the boss of Audi's quattro division, courageously claimed that the Scorpion would be the "absolute best supercar" available from any automaker.

Audi has not mentioned whether the Scorpion is dead for good or if its fate will be up for debate further down the road.