The plan calls for five new performance models to enter production in the next three years.

Engineers at Audi Sport are apparently planning to stay busy in the next few years as the performance division attempts to quickly broaden its model range.The expansion campaign promises to grow from its modest stable of 11 models to 16 different nameplates in showrooms by 2020. The company has not identified the upcoming additions or elaborated on launch timing.

The commitment was mentioned by Audi Sport chief executive Stephan Winkelmann while announcing a new head of technical development, Oliver Hoffmann, as the executive responsible for keeping the development projects on schedule.

Hoffmann recently worked on powertrain development at parent Audi, with Lamborghini quality management and V10 engine development listed among earlier roles.

The previous technical development head, Stephan Reil, is an Audi Sport veteran credited with leading development of all projects since the first Audi RS 4 Avant in 1999. He will shift to a new role within Audi.

The performance division is expected to prioritize SUV development to better align the family with demand for high-riding vehicles. The development team will also be tasked with carrying the brand into the electric era with a battery-powered offering to welcome the next decade.