We might get the next RS 6 Avant as a consolation prize.

The heritage-laced Audi Sport quattro concept will not receive the proverbial green light for production, according to one of the company's top executives. The coupe (pictured) was introduced at the 2013 edition of the Frankfurt Auto Show. "It's a nice dream, but I think we have so much in front of us that the most important thing is to get the lineup where we need it," explained Audi Sport boss Stephen Winkelmann in an interview with Car & Driver.

His comments suggest the coupe and convertible variants of the R8 will remain Audi Sport's only standalone models. Instead, the newly-independent sub-brand will focus on introducing more RS-badged models, including several crossovers and SUVs.

Surprisingly, Audi is considering selling the next RS 6 Avant in the United States for the very first time. The hot-rodded model has never been offered on our shores because the wagon segment here is microscopic at best, but an insider told Car & Driver that Audi of America officials are trying to make a business case for a U.S.-spec variant.

The next Audi A6 is at least a year away from landing in showrooms, so the new RS 6 Avant won't debut in Europe until 2019 at the earliest. Even if it gets earmarked for our market, we'll need to be patient before it makes the trip across the pond.