The new Level 5 concept is designed for long journeys, with an all-electric driving range of nearly 500 miles.

Audi has outlined a handful of new concept cars that will be brought to Frankfurt, showcasing the company's vision for Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous operation.The Level 4 concept will be based on the E-tron Sportback concept, employing advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to reduce the driver's workload. It can handle driving tasks at speeds of up to 80 mph, including automatic lane changes.

The second autonomous concept car further reinterprets the 'driver' experience for Level 5, which no longer requires a human to pay attention to driving tasks. All occupants can instead focus on entertainment, connectivity or other activities.

The Level 5 concept is designed primarily for long journeys, with four electric motors and a battery-powered range of between 435 and 497 miles.

"The interior and exterior design of the full-size model is spectacular and groundbreaking," Audi promises. "It offers brand-new possibilities which an all-electric, self-driving car opens up for designers."

The company has also scheduled two Audi Sport global debuts for Frankfurt, including a high-performance Avant and a rear-wheel-drive model.