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Audi considering subscription service

by Ronan Glon

We could hear an official announcement in the coming months.

Luxury ato-makers are increasingly flocking towards a Netflix-like subscription service. BMW and Mercedes-Benz recently announced pilot programs, Porsche and Cadillac each began operating one last year, and now Audi has indicated it could hop on the bandwagon with its own subscription service.

"A subscription service is something that is being looked at in general. It may or may not be tied to an electric car. But it's an interesting aspect of the business many are announcing, and we look at it as a new area of business. I don't have a specific, concrete announcement at this point, but I wouldn't say it would only be relevant to an electric car," Filip Brabec, Audi's vice president of product management, told Digital Trends during an interview.

He stopped short of revealing which type of subscription service Audi is looking into launching. Volvo offers subscribers a car (the XC40), maintenance, and insurance for a flat monthly fee. BMW and Mercedes, on the other hand, let subscribers buy into what's essentially a car sharing program for luxury models. They pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited access to a pre-determined selection of models.

There's no word on when Audi will decide whether or not to experiment with a subscription service. If the program gets the green light, we'll likely hear an official announcement in the coming months.

Note: 2019 Audi A8 pictured. Photography by Ronan Glon.