A collision with a dump truck destroyed three cars, including a Z06.

Tragedy befell a shipment of brand new Chevrolet Corvettes on Thursday when a transporter packed with them collided with a dump truck in Alabama.

According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's Facebook page, the accident occurred on the southbound lanes I-65 in Chilton County at about 11:30 am local time. At least three Corvettes appear to have suffered major damage, including a yellow Z06 worth over $80,000 taking the brunt of the impact. All of the cars were still wrapped in protective covers used during transport from the factory to dealerships.

The authorities did not disclose what caused the accident, but photos of the semi-trailer dump truck that collided with the transporter show a large hole ripped into the side of the truck. The transporter's steel frame was twisted at a right angle at the rear. It's honestly surprising that the crash wasn't worse considering the damage. However, the ALEA says that there were "No injuries!"

That is, unless you count psychological trauma to seeing a bunch of brand new Corvettes wrecked. This, folks, is the real Bowling Green Massacre.