After being separated from its herd, a wildebeest calf confuses a Hyundai for its mom.

Babies do not love you. They just fixate on anything that looks even remotely like their parents. If you need proof of this cruel fact, here is a wildebeest calf confusing a Hyundai Tucson for its mother.

Zaheer and Asma Ali, a couple visiting Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa, captured footage of a baby wildebeest chasing the crossover down a dirt road. Apparently the animal had been separated from its herd.

The explanation, according to National Geographic, is that "wildebeest calves instinctively stay with their herd by following the largest moving object that they see nearby." In this case, the object was an electric blue Hyundai Tucson.

At one point the car slows down enough for the calf to catch up. It proceeds to nuzzle its head in to the wheel well. National Geographic says that it was trying to suckle from the car's tires.

For a while, it was a dangerous situation for the calf, as it was lightly struck by another vehicle after making an abrupt move. The Alis attempted to use their own car to lead the calf off the road. Soon, the herd reemerged and the calf was reunited with its mother.

As for why the calf focused on the Hyundai, painted in a color called Caribbean, perhaps it was because it was of the species Connochaetes taurinus, more commonly known as blue wildebeest.