Responding to a mailed flyer, the suspect reportedly became enraged when he was told the prize required a car purchase.

An elderly man has been caught on video allegedly attacking employees at a Florida dealership over a promotion prize dispute.

Linsey Owens allegedly expected to get a prize that was highlighted in a mailed advertisement, according to a police report obtained by a local NBC affiliate. He is accused of becoming enraged and wielding a golf club after sales staff informed him that he would have to buy a vehicle to receive the prize.

The salesman who delivered the disappointing news allegedly suffered minor injuries, while Owens was charged with several counts of aggravated battery.

Many dealers have been criticized for using misleading advertisements and promotions to bring potential customers in the door, in some cases prompting enforcement action from the Federal Trade Commission. There is no indication that the advertising campaign that prompted the Florida incident ran afoul of the law, however.

"Details about special offers and promotions may be buried in the fine print, clicks away from online claims, may not be disclosed at all, or may not be disclosed until you get to the showroom or the finance office," the FTC warns in a general cautionary note for buyers. "But the law requires that if a dealer advertises discounts, prices, or special low payments, the ads must clearly explain the important details of the offers and how a buyer may qualify for them."