Bentley creates a vehicle tailored to falconers.

Bentley has created a Bentayga for falcons. That's actual birds, not the Atlanta Super Bowl rival of the New England Patriots so, sadly, it is not a response to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady becoming the new spokesperson for Aston Martin.

The Bentayga Falconry is the latest creation by Mulliner, Bentley's in-house customizing division, and caters to falcon hobbyists. Why falconry? In the Middle East, hunting by falcons is a time-honored tradition, and as you may have heard, there's a lot of disposable income in that part of the world.

The centerpiece of the Bentayga Falconry is a piece of marquetry on the dashboard, depicting a saker falcon soaring across a desert landscape. Hand-made from 430 individual pieces of wood sourced from across the globe, it takes nine days to craft.

The center console also offers a "transportation perch" and tether, so your bird can ride shotgun. Two additional perches can be docked into a pair of pockets in the trunk. A retractable tray in the cargo area contains a "flight station" and refreshment case. The former includes a GPS bird tracker, gauntlets, and bird hoods, while the latter provides a metal flasks, cups, blankets, and face cloths.

There was no price in the announcement, but seeing as how, according to Bentley, top birds can cost $1,000,000, there's no reason to expect the Bentayga Falconry to be cheap.