The potentially loose parts increase the risk of injury in a crash.

Bentley has kicked off its first recall program for the Bentayga, requiring a few fasteners to be double checked for proper bolt torque.A routine internal review of the company's records uncovered missing or implausible data related to tightening torque for the seat mechanism and instrument panel joints. A subsequent check of vehicles verified a potential risk that the fasteners may not have been properly torqued from the factory.

"Where it is found that the seat mechanism and instrument panel joints are not correctly tightened, there is a possibility that they could loosen over time. If this happens and the vehicle is in a crash, it may result in increased injury to vehicle occupants," the company warns.

The company presumably revised its factory data retention system with an automated method for detecting and immediately notifying workers if torque specification data is missing, allowing such issues to be resolved before any affected vehicles leave the factory.

Service technicians will inspect 88 vehicles from the 2017 model year to verify proper fastener torque.