Two workers reportedly cost the company more than $1 million due to overindulgence in alcohol and synthetic marijuana.

BMW has confirmed that it was forced to halt production in Munich earlier this month after two workers allegedly passed out from overindulgence in intoxicants.A Bild report claims one of the workers had been drinking heavily, while another had been getting through the work day with a bit of help from amphetamines. Things allegedly took a turn for the worse after the pair found a partially smoked joint containing synthetic marijuana.

Both of the tailpipe assembly line workers are said to have collapsed before returning to their duties. One was reportedly sent to the medical clinic.

A BMW spokesperson claimed the incident interrupted production for around 40 minutes and cost the company a "five-figure" amount, though Bild's sources claim the losses likely exceed $1 million.

One workeris said to have been fired, while the other was transferred.