BMW 8 Series prototype involved in deadly crash in Germany

A passenger was killed after the 8 Series lost control due to 'excessive speed' entering a corner.

A BMW 8 Series prototype has been involved in a deadly single-vehicle crash in Germany.

The 37-year-old driver had taken his girlfriend's mother for a ride near Bodenkirchen, approximately 50 miles from BMW's headquarters in Munich, according to local news outlet BR24.

The vehicle reportedly lost control and left the roadway when entering a right turn, striking several trees and killing the passenger. The victim had been trapped in the vehicle and experienced severe head injuries. Her body was eventually extracted after the local fire departments used hydraulic scissors to remove the vehicle roof.

Investigators are reportedly focusing on excessive speed as the likely cause of the accident.

The car's camouflage wrap matches pre-production vehicles that appeared in a recent promotional video that highlighted the new 8 Series' active roll stabilization, all-wheel steering and 530 horsepower.