The company has registered trademarks for i1 through i9 and iX1 through iX9, accommodating a full range of low- and high-riding electrified models.

BMW has confirmed its all-electric X3 will inaugurate a new naming scheme as the iX3.

"In 2020 we will launch the fully electric X3. In it, X and i come together," CEO Harald Krueger said at a recent event, as quoted by Automotive News Europe.

The company has registered trademarks to accommodate a full range of vehicles, from i1 through i9 and iX1 through iX9.

So far, the company has only used i3 and i8. The new scheme could present a bit of confusion if the 'i' badge is used for battery-powered versions of the normal 3-Series and upcoming 8-Series, which would logically be labeled the i3 and i8.

Rumors swirling a few years ago pointed to the i9 nameplate for a hybrid supercar, using the i8's carbon-chassis technology but with much more power than the current production coupe.