There is stupid, and then there is "put it on YouTube" stupid. This is a case of the latter form of stupid.

When someone orders or purchases a brand new BMW - particularly a high-end performance model like the 1 Series M Coupe - they likely expect to get a car in perfect condition that has been nothing but loved from the moment it rolled out of the factory.

Unfortunately for at least one unsuspecting South California owner, that is not the case as a BMW dealership technician and his co-worker decided to borrow a 1 Series M Coupe for a flogging, video rolling, thanks to 1Addicts.

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What makes this video especially difficult to watch is knowing that this car has a specific break-in schedule as per the BMW manual, something that is totally ignored by a trained technician in the name of (his) fun.

Luckily, some sleuthing by 1Addicts forum member Analogue produced some damning evidence that helped narrow down the location of the joyride and trace it back to Pacific BMW in Southern California. It was also discovered that the car was not yet sold, and the asking price was a cool $20,000 over MSRP.

Once the driver caught wind of the angry BMW enthusiasts on his tale he attempted to cover his tracks and remove the videos from his account, but it was too late as someone had already secured a copy.

The offending individual appears to have been fired by the dealer after forum members reached out in outrage. Furthermore, local city spokesman Tom Lorenz also indicated that local law enforcement would be looking for the driver as well in regards to the obviously unsafe and illegal speeds obtained during the joyride in residential neighborhoods.

Justice, at least in this case, appears to have been served.


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