The i3 project manager claims BMW does not consider the model to be a failure.

A BMW executive has hinted that the i3's lackluster sales have not stymied plans for a second-generation model.

Speaking to Automotive News, i3 project manager Heinrich Schwackhoefer voiced confidence that a successor will eventually arrive on the market.

"I firmly expect that," he said. "It's not the sentiment within the company that it's been a failure -- absolutely not at all."

The company introduced an updated i3 earlier this year with a 33-kWh battery, increasing storage capacity by 50 percent and bumping electric range from 81 miles to 114 miles.

The upgraded battery has failed to invigorate sales in the US market. Deliveries were down by 55 percent in October and more than 30 percent so far this year.

Despite the sluggish sales, BMW recently celebrated its 100,000th electrified vehicle sold globally. The milestone included 60,000 i3s, representing less than half the sales volume of Tesla's Model S.