BMW wants to work alongside two other major automakers to maximize development progress.

BMW Group is currently wooing one more major automaker to join its autonomous technology alliance with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Intel and auto industry suppliers.Speaking to Automotive News, BMW Group's senior VP of autonomous driving, Elmar Frickenstein, said the partnership hopes to land its third automaker by the end of the year.

The German automaker apparently wants to avoid weighing down the alliance with too many cooks in the kitchen. One more automaker will balance the alliance across three major automakers, two veteran suppliers (Continental, Delphi) and chip giant Intel with its newly acquired MobilEye division.

"So with the footprint of BMW, Fiat and Chrysler, we are open to market small cars to premium cars to different areas of the world," Frickenstein said. "The footprint is broader than BMW alone."

BMW is aiming to launch an SAE Level 3-capable system under the iNEXT brand by 2021, paving the way for fully autonomous Level 4/5 vehicles in the following years.

The automaker has not identified which automakers, if any, are engaged in talks to join the alliance.