BMW M has published the first segment in a five-part series dedicated to its best-selling nameplate.

BMW's M division has published the first video in a five-part series dedicated to its best-selling nameplate, the M3.Appropriately, the initial video focuses on the E30 M3. The first generation was built for Group A Touring Car racing, despite BMW's doubts surrounding potential demand for the street car. The coupe quickly proved a formidable vehicle both on the track and in showrooms.

Before later models switched to an inline six, the E30 was powered by a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine with 195 horsepower. Later 'Evolution' variants bumped output up to 238 ponies, and all builds weighed under 3,000 pounds.

"The BMW M3 of the first generation is a legend. It influenced all following M3 generations," the company notes. "Moreover the BMW M3 was the most successful Touringcar ever."

BMW's next four videos in the series presumably focus in the next four generations of the M3/M4 family, starting with the E36 chassis that debuted in 1992.