The police department will buy 100 i3 EVs, however none will be used as pursuit vehicles.

The Los Angeles Police Department will soon launch a fleet of BMW i3 EVs, but don't expect to see any chasing after speeders and bank robbers.

The agency has decided to lease 100 fully-electric i3 hatchbacks for its transportation fleet, used as non-emergency vehicles for officers or in community research initiatives.

Both the i3 and Tesla's Model S had been reviewed for potential use in law-enforcement. The Model S P85D had been under consideration as a patrol car, however its hefty price tag -- before necessary refits -- equated to more than double the price of a patrol-ready Ford Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility.

The BMW i3 lease program will cost the city $1.4 million for three years of use, representing approximately $387 per vehicle each month, according to an LAPD statement published by the LA Times.

LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck suggests the department will continue to consider EVs, including Tesla, for use as patrol cars.

"They will absolutely be the patrol cars of the future," he opined.