BMW i4, iNext to get up to 435 miles of range

BMW i4, iNext to get up to 435 miles of range

by Justin King

All fifth-generation eDrive vehicles will boast at least 342 miles of range, presumably according to the NEDC test cycle.

BMW has announced that its updated eDrive powertrain will deliver a significant range advantage over most current-generation electric vehicles.

"With the fifth generation of eDrive, our vehicles will be able to drive 550 to 700 kilometres (342 to 435 miles) on electric power, depending on the model," BMW chief Harald Kr├╝ger said at an annual press conference.

The statement is presumably referring to estimates based on the generous NEDC test cycle. For reference, the Tesla Model S 60D has a 210-mile EPA range and a 253-mile NEDC range, giving the car a 20-percent advantage on paper in Europe. The Model S 100D is rated at 335 miles by the EPA and 393 miles via NEDC.

Cars to be powered by the fifth-gen eDrive technology include the i4 and iNext. The i4 was presented in Geneva as the i Vision Dynamics concept (pictured), a futuristic electric sedan that will slot between the boxy i3 and the sporty i8.

A production version of the iNext will follow a bit later, eventually serving as a showcase for BMW's fully autonomous driving vision.

Image by Ronan Glon.