The companies have successfully developed a scalable architecture for self-driving vehicles.

BMW's partnership with Intel and Mobileye is preparing to move forward with its autonomous test program.

The companies have already developed a scalable architecture that can be used for self-driving vehicles across a range of different car brands. The products range from individual integrated modules to complete hardware/software packages for autonomous vehicles.

The project is preparing more than three dozen autonomous BMW prototype vehicles to put on the road in the second half of 2017.

"We are already thinking in terms of scalability and welcome other companies - manufacturers, suppliers or technology companies - to participate and contribute to our autonomous platform," BMW development head Klaus Froelich said in a statement.

BMW is currently responsible for driving control and dynamics, system evaluation, functional safety, overall component integration, prototype production and platform scaling. Intel focuses on computing systems, including its GO autonomous-driving technology and FPGA chips, while Mobileye brings its experience in computer vision processing.

The technology will eventually be showcased in BMW's iNEXT model, slated to arrive on the market in 2021.