A large, Munich-based car company had placed a bid for Saab.

Swedish automaker Saab declared bankruptcy last December, but the saga surrounding it is far from over. The administrators in charge of liquidating the company and its assets are still considering offers from miscellaneous would-be suitors around the world.

According to enthusiast website SaabsUnited, six or seven serious bidders have been confirmed. One of the leading ones is China's Youngman, a company that has invested a small fortune into the ailing automaker over the last year. India's Mahindra & Mahindra and a Turkish company are also in the race.

A more surprising bidder appears to be BMW, which has seemingly recovered from its Rover-badged hangover.

The name BMW wasn't specifically mentioned by the administrators, but the report indicates that one of the newest bidders is a large European car company based in Munich.

SaabsUnited claims that if BMW does take over Saab, it would use the coveted Phoenix platform to build some of its future compact cars. It would also use the platform to build future Saab-badged automobiles.

The association between the two companies wouldn't be as random as it might seem. In 2010, BMW agreed to provide Saab with 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines. The cooperation between the two was supposed to start this year.

Furthermore, the Munich-based company has announced recently that it needs extra production capacity in order to expand its MINI brand. Picking up the Trollhättan facility could be a viable solution to the problem.

BMW has not confirmed or denied the report.