Someone parked their M1 in 1982 with just 4,593 miles on the clock.

An ├╝ber rare BMW M1 has been unearthed after spending the last 34 years stored in an Italian garage.

Details on the backstory of the car are few and far between, but car dealer Mint Classics took possession of the dusty super car this week. According to the dealership, the M1 was put into storage in a garage in southern Italy in 1982 and sat untouched ever since.

Someone at least got some enjoyment out the M1 before it went into storage; the odometer shows 7,329km, which converts to 4,593 miles.

Mint Classic hasn't announced what it intends to do with the low-mileage M1, but hopefully only a clean-up is planned rather than a full restoration. After all, cars are only original once.

Of course even if a cosmetic freshening isn't in the plans, a thorough mechanical sprucing will be required. After a 34-year slumber, every mechanic part of the car will need gone through, from tire and electrics to engine and brakes.

BMW built just 457 units of the M1 between 1978 and 1981, so every one is valuable. But this one with its cool backstory and low mileage should be worth a mint once it hits the open market.