The automaker expects electrified cars to account for up to 25 percent of its overall sales volume by 2025.

BMW Group has announced a product onslaught starting this year, coinciding with a commitment to launch more electrified models.

With more than 40 new or revised models scheduled to arrive this year and next, the strategy represents the largest model offensive in BMW's 100-year history.

The company appears to be including vehicles that have already launched early this year. New arrivals include the latest 5 Series sedan, including a plug-in hybrid edition and M Performance variant, while the Touring and long-wheelbase editions will arrive in China this summer. Five all-new 4 Series models have also been in showrooms since March.

Electrified models currently account for just 2.6 percent of BMW Group sales, but the portion is expected to climb as high as 25 percent through 2025. The number appears to mirror Volkswagen Group's expectation for electric powertrains in the next decade.

"Also by 2025, all our vehicles with combustion engines will be fitted with 12 and 48-volt energy recovery systems," said BMW CFO Nicolas Peter.

The company faces a significant challenge this year as its core brand attempts to reclaim the luxury sales crown from rival Mercedes-Benz.