The control process is now calculated directly in the powertrain, eliminating signal paths and improving reaction time by 50 times.

BMW has announced plans to launch a new traction control system across all vehicles.

Introduced with the new i3s, the improved hardware manages traction and stability control directly from the eDrive powertrain. Without the long signal paths of conventional control systems managed by an external control module, the integrated configuration is said to react 50 times faster.

The new system was developed for the i3s' eDrive powertrain, presumably benefiting from the instantaneous torque of an electric motor.

"With their high levels of torque and instantaneous responses to every movement of the accelerator, electric motors already make significantly higher demands on driving stability systems than conventional power units," says BMW chassis development head Peter Langen.

Shorter control cycles are not exclusively tied to electric powertrains, however. The same type of enhanced control system will consequently be used across all BMW and MINI models with front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive, including non-hybrid vehicles with internal combustion engines.