BMW trademarked iX1 through iX9.

BMW's electrified offensive is beginning to take shape. The German company recently trademarked the names iX1 through iX9, which suggests it's preparing a line-up of electrified crossovers and SUVs.

Not every trademark filing turns into a car; we don't expect BMW to launch nine electrified models at once. However, we already know the brand-new X3 will spawn an all-electric version that will be sold alongside the standard model. The trademark filings suggest it will wear the name iX3 when it goes on sale in about 2019.

The X3 is closely related to the X4, so we can't rule out seeing an electric version of its replacement. The crossover-coupe segment the X4 competes in is going to get really crowded, really fast, and some of the upcoming entrants will run on electricity. Volkswagen illustrated its vision for the burgeoning segment earlier this year at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Uncovered by British magazine Auto Express, the trademark filings also shed insight into BMW's model strategy. Its electric and hybrid cars will be off-shoots of existing models, not standalone cars like the i3 and the i8.

In contrast, rivals Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar are betting on clearly separating electrified cars from gasoline- and diesel-powered models. For example, Jaguar's I-Pace will not be offered with an internal combustion engine while the F-Pace won't go electric-only.

Note: BMW i Vision Dynamics concept pictured. Photos by Ronan Glon.