Ten years ago BMW never sold a sport utility vehicle - but with the changing times and customer trends BMW is now the leading producer of luxury sport utes in the world. The latest rumors out of Germany indicate the X1 isn't the only compact Bimmer crossover possibly headed for production. As it turns out, BMW is purportedly planning a "coupe" version of the X1 in the form of the X2 Sport Activity Vehicle.

Just as the X6 is the "SAV" version of the X5, the X2 would be the X1's fun-loving sibling. But there's a slight twist: the X2 would also lose two doors, making it a truer 'crossover coupe' than the X6. With Audi's Q3 rumored to have a three-door configuration, the X2 might end up being its nearest rival.

The rumors began appearing in the German press this week, with Autobild Allrad reporting the story in its August issue.

Specific details regarding powertrains and availability remain unclear. The most likely scenario is BMW will borrow engines and transmissions from the 1-Series lineup. The X1 is expected to hit the market in 2010 with full time all-wheel drive, and the X2 could follow within the year. The overall size of both vehicles is said to be comparable to the Toyota RAV4.

BMW hasn't provided any details or updates on this little SAV since 2008, leaving us wondering if it will ever see the light at the end of a production line.