The production version of BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics car is on the way - and you can have the chance to drive one before almost anyone else.

Aside from releasing a number of videos and some photographs, BMW hasn't exactly divulged much information about its so-called "Dontblogaboutthis" test mule. Until now.

Leftlane sat down with a BMW executive at the Paris Motor Show last week, where Dontblogaboutthis didn't exactly show up. While the executive wasn't exactly willing to share much, he did spend most of our conversation staring at the wild-looking BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept car that shared the stage with the new BMW X3 and Concept 6-Series Coupe. We weren't offended about the lack of eye contact; this was intentional.

"Look at the tires" in the photos, the BMW executive told us. "We've already said that the Vision EfficientDynamics is going into production."

And then BMW released its latest video, which very clearly shows a thinly disguised Vision EfficientDynamics prototype. We get a good look at the car's unique tail lamps and its flared fenders, which look nothing like the 6-Series-based test mule from the earliest videos.

BMW says it's giving a fan the chance to drive the Dontblogaboutthis vehicle in November, presumably ahead of what is shaping up to be a Los Angeles Auto Show reveal. Full details about how you can win are below in the video.

How this got started

When BMW decided to take an incredibly awkward 6-Series mule, spray it in flat black paint, toss on some aerodynamic wheels wrapped in skinnies and a bunch of "www.dontblogaboutthis.com" livery all over the place, it was pretty clear what they were aiming for.

Well, congratulations BMW, you got us. While we appreciate the fairly generous helping of pictures, and even the videos, we would sure love a little more information.

What we do know so far

For starters, BMW stated on their new Web site, "Obviously, this is more than a 6-Series. But the car is not yet in its final stage."

BMW clearly used a last-generation 6-Series body to disguise a powertrain test mule, but as we can see from the latest videos, a 6-Series it is not.

If you listen carefully in the videos there seems to be the grunt of an internal combustion engine in one, while the other could possibly be running on pure electricity. Clearly, this indicates that the vehicle runs on both traditional and electric power. So does the Vision EfficientDynamics.

Engine grunt

Relative silence

Getting Closer

Just about the only thing we gained from this video is a clear shot of the side-by-side dual headlamps with angel eyes. The only previous frontal shot did not have the headlamps on, giving little idea as to what to expect in that department.

Paying attention to the clues, however, provides for some additional pause. For one, the Vision EfficientDynamics concept car utilized the combination of a diesel engine and electric motors. Yet, the exhaust note in this video seemed to be from a gasoline-powered engine. But, it is also worth noting that BMW titled that video, "Nothing is what it seems," which could possibly be a hint to suggest that BMW is being particularly coy with their hints.

The other key indicator we noticed that led us to believe this is not, nor will it be a 6-Series is the rear suspension and undercarriage. When compared to the current and upcoming 6-Series models, there appears to be a fairly substantial aluminum structure under this vehicle - possibly related to battery storage or electric motors.

And then we have two newer videos.The first video, titled "Cocooning" shows the mule driving into a transport trailer.

The second video, titled, "The New Look" finally shows a glimpse of the true car we are all waiting for. Of course, it is just a glimpse, but we were also told to wait for September 30. And, well, September 30 came and went and we didn't learn much.