The system can be equipped with new or repurposed batteries from the i3.

BMW's 'i' division has revealed a residential energy storage system that borrows battery modules from the i3 EV.

The company claims to be the first automaker to utilize a complete high-voltage automotive battery for home energy storage. The system supports 'plug and play' integration of new or repurposed i3 batteries, including 22-kWh modules from current models or the 33-kWh pack from the forthcoming update.

BMW suggests the i3 battery capacities are perfectly suited to home energy storage, as the average US household uses 15-30 kWh of electricity every day. The system can store electricity from solar panels, which typically draw peak power when many homeowners are away during the day.

"Because the electric draw is much less at home when compared to automotive usage, this storage system is an ideal application for a retired BMW i3 battery and ensures that the repurposed battery will offer many additional years of service, affirming the BMW i commitment to sustainability," BMW said in a statement.

BMW i3 buyers currently receive at least an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on the battery, suggesting repurposed modules are still a few years away from arriving on the market in significant numbers.