Bob Lutz has once again picked up the torch in the defense of the Chevy Volt against the right.

Former General Motors chairman Bob Lutz is once again defending the Chevrolet Volt against the "misinformed right." Lutz' latest post, called "The Chevy Volt, Bill O'Reilly and the Postman's Butt," appeared on the pages of Forbes.com.

Lutz pretty much starts where he left off, criticizing Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor for incorrectly declaring that Volts are prone to catch fire. Lutz even goes as far as to cite "the aftermath of deliberately misinterpreted NHTSA crash test results and the attendant right-wing furor" over the Volt as the main reason for a decline in demand, which recently prompted GM to halt production of the plug-in for five weeks.

"U.S. jobs are in jeopardy because major portions of the American public believe, as Lou Dobbs and Bill O'Reilly claimed, that they "catch fire"", Lutz wrote.

The right-wing, and The O'Reilly Factor in particular, continue to paint the Volt as an environmental project born of the left-wing Obama administration, but Lutz - a self-proclaimed conservative - points out that he actually championed the Volt in 2006, two years before President Obama took office. Lutz also reiterates that he has long been a "global warming skeptic."

And, in an attempt to redeem the Volt as a genuinely good car, Lutz also highlights the fact that the Volt's kissing cousin - the Opel Ampera - was recently named European Car of the Year. The Ampera is the first-ever American engineered and built car to ever win the prestigious award.

In the end, Lutz likens the right-wing's attack on the Volt to a terrier biting the butt of a mailman - "painful, but without any useful purpose."