SpaceX reportedly owns the privately-held above-ground property atop the proposed route.

Elon Musk's Boring Company has reportedly received official approval from the Hawthorne, California, city council to build a two-mile test tunnel.

City officials seemed to welcome the idea in recent meetings, despite having a few serious questions. The startup apparently provided satisfactory responses, resulting in a favorable vote with just one dissenting councilperson, according to The Verge.

The latest report suggests the proposed route follows underneath public roads and private property that SpaceX already owns. Avoiding land held by third parties presumably reduces the chance for the project to be held back by litigation.

Boring Co previously said it hopes to be exempt from environmental review, arguing that the tunnel will be solely used to test equipment and establish a proof of concept. The city has reportedly reserved the authority to demand that the completed tunnel be filled after the dig is complete.

"This is groundbreaking, this is establishing a precedent, and I think we all agree that we want to make sure that this goes off without a hitch," said Hawthorne mayor Alex Vargas at the recent council meeting.

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As The Verge notes, the company still must obtain an encroachment permit before firing up the tunnel boring machine and passing beyond the borders of the SpaceX headquarters.

Elon Musk claims to have received "verbal government approval" to build an underground Hyperloop from New York City to Washington DC, though his first priority is alleviating the "soul-destroying" traffic in Los Angeles.

"Just digging some tunnels and might draw a vacuum in some of them," he recently said on Twitter.