Europe is the Chiron's strongest market, followed by North America.

Bugatti has already sold half of its Chiron production run, receiving orders for 250 units before any buyers have been invited to complete test drives.The milestone has been reached just one year after the Chiron was unveiled at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. It also coincided with the first customer deliveries.

Potential buyers interested in the remaining 250 units will soon be invited to a central test-drive event.

Bugatti suggests the regional sales breakdown is similar to that of the Veyron. Most buyers are located in Europe, representing 37 percent of sales, while 30 percent hail from North America and 26 percent are located in the Middle East.

The French automaker will be present at the Geneva event, showcasing an example ordered by a customer from the German-speaking region. It features a unique "Bleu Royal" exposed carbon fiber body, with a duotone interior pairing Deep Blue and French Racing Blue leather.

"The fact that we have already taken orders for half of the Chiron series even without test drives so far bears witness to the great confidence of our customers in our brand and its strong aura," says Bugatti president Wolfgang Durheimer.