Bugatti is looking at different options, but a convertible isn't one of them.

Bugatti has announced that the 1,500-horsepower Chiron won't spawn a convertible model.The news comes as a big surprise because the topless version of the Veyron, the Chiron's predecessor, was a favorite among car collectors and speed enthusiasts. Stefan Brungs, the boss of the company's sales and marketing division, confirmed the news to British magazine Autocar without giving an explanation.

A roadster in the vein of the Veyron Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse appears to be off the table, but Bugatti is open to building different variations of the Chiron in the coming years. "We're looking at different options for the car," confirmed Brungs without going into more specific details.

A look at the Veyron's long production run sheds insight into what the future might have in store for the Chiron. The options that Brungs mentioned could include a more powerful model, though how much more power engineers can squeeze out of the quad-turbocharged, 8.0-liter W16 engine is up in the air at this point.

The Chiron is likely to spawn a handful of ultra-exclusive limited-edition models near the end of its production run. The only thing that's certain at this point is that only 500 examples -- and not a single more -- will be manufactured.

Photos by Ronan Glon.