Each unit requires around six months to complete, hand assembled by a team of just 20 employees.

Bugatti has provided a peek into its Molsheim 'dream factory' as workers ramp up serial production of the new Chiron.

Individual pictures in the photo gallery show a spotless factory floor that looks more like a spacious satellite clean room than a traditional high-volume automotive assembly plant. A team of just 20 workers carefully hand-assembles each Chiron, requiring around six months to install more than 1,800 individual components.

Bugatti suggests the facility required many modifications to account for the Chiron's more complex nature and unique production requirements. A new rolling dynamometer was installed to accommodate the 1,500-horsepower engine, while the floor was coated with conductive epoxy to dissipate potentially damaging electrostatic charges.

Customers can choose from 23 topcoat colors, eight carbon variants, 31 leather hues, eight Alcantara fabrics, 30 stitching threads and dozens of other color options.

"In addition to this basic range, thousands of other colours are possible," Bugatti notes. "And in addition to that, individual colours may even be created to match a favourite handbag or the label on a customer's preferred brand of mineral water."

No conveyor belts or robots can be found on the factory floor. In fact, Bugatti claims the only electronic tool used in chassis production is a new 'EC' nutrunner system that logs a data curve of each bolt tightened and alerts the worker when the correct torque value is reached.

The final production process is interrupted several times to run tests. The vehicle is exposed to simulated monsoon rain before the interior is installed and a test driver heads to Colmar for a 155-mph test run. If the driver gives a thumbs up, the Chiron then receives new transmission oil, wheels and underbody component before heading to the paint booth for final finishing.

Bugatti suggests most customers have already visited Molsheim several times to witness the production process for their car before taking delivery. The company also invites each buyer to spend a day working on their own car.