The owner had been accused of intentionally destroying the car to collect a multi-million-dollar insurance payout.

A former Bugatti Veyron owner is heading to federal prison for driving the world's most extreme production car into a lake.Andy House reportedly purchased the Veyron for $1 million in October 2009 and obtained insurance for $2.2 million. After owning the car for less than two months, he drove it into a lagoon in Galveston County, Texas. The engine was left running as the car sat in salt water, amplifying the damage.

The accident was initially blamed on a low-flying pelican, and House allegedly told first responders that he had reached down to grab his cellphone before losing control. An insurance claim for $2.2 million was filed the following day.

Apparently unbeknownst to House, the attention-grabbing Veyron had caught the eye of a few gawkers traveling the same direction on a parallel road. The passenger began recording a video of the rare supercar, declaring "pretty sure it's a Lambo, dude" before House turned off the roadway and into the marsh.

House pled guilty to charges of insurance fraud and received a sentence of one year and a day in federal prison, according to KTRE. He must also pay back the $600,000 settlement reached with his insurance company.

House is said to own a salvage company that specializes in exotic cars.