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Bugatti sedan still under consideration

by Ronan Glon

The sedan could become the company\'s only model.

Bugatti teased us with an elegant concept car named Galibier that explored what its take on the four-door sedan could look like. The on-again off-again car is certainly not a priority for the brand, but its chief executive has confirmed the project hasn't been deep-sixed yet.

"The four-door car is not dead," confirmed Bugatti president Wolfgang Durheimer in an interview with Automotive News Europe. He affirmed the company will rule whether to move forward with the project before the end of next year.

Understandably, official details are still few and far between. Automotive News reports Bugatti is considering at least three powertrain options for its next model, regardless of how many doors it has. Electric, plug-in hybrid, and gasoline-powered options are all on the table.

There's a catch: Bugatti executives don't want to sell the Chiron and a sedan at the same time. If it's approved for production, the four-door model could replace the Chiron altogether.

"For the time I can foresee, it will be a one-model brand," Durheimer revealed during the same interview.

The Chiron's eight-year life cycle means it will stick around until well in to the 2020s. Bugatti has time to figure out whether its replacement will have two or four doors, and whether it will run on gasoline, electricity, or both.