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Lego offers 3,599-piece Bugatti Chiron kit [Video]

by Justin King

The $350 Lego Technic kit features a W16 engine, gearbox, all-wheel drive and disc brakes.

Lego has revealed its latest Technic kit, reimagining the Bugatti Chiron in miniature.

The companies collaborated to develop the 1:8 scale kit, billed as the "ultimate supercar model" with no less than 3,599 pieces.

The thousands of pieces include parts for the most sophisticated Technic engine ever. Rotating the driveshaft causes all 16 pistons to move in unison, driven through an eight-speed gearbox with movable paddle shifters.

Other notable elements include an active rear wing, detailed brake discs, detailed seats and a Bugatti overnight bag that fits in a storage compartment under the hood.

Recommended for ages 16+, the Lego Technics Bugatti Chiron kit retails for $350.