Buick engineers pilot stock 2012 Regal GS to a radar-verified 162mph on Nevada highway, snatch second in-class.

Attaining a vehicle's top speed is becoming less commonplace in today's safety- and green-conscious world, which is why events put on by the Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc. attract so many. This year's Nevada Open Road Challenge that ended on Sunday gave two Buick engineers the opportunity to do just that, as they piloted a largely stock 2012 Buick Regal GS to a radar trap-verified 162mph velocity.

The car, just like the one we reviewed, was equipped only with the necessary safety equipment and navigation gear needed to run in the event, leaving its 2.0-liter, 270-horsepower turbo four untouched.

Driver Bill Rietow and navigator John Townsend captured second place in their class, where their goal was to average as close to 135mph over the set 90-mile distance without going over that class breakout speed. The pair was just 0.4 seconds off their target time of 40 minutes. The event was held on a two-lane stretch of Nevada's State Highway 318.

The same pair won the 120mph class last fall.